Farzad Firozbakht, Waeal J Obidallah, Bijan Raahemi
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Internet of things and Cloud Computing
Publication year: 2017

Cloud service discovery is a new challenge which regular methods that are being used for web service discovery cannot properly address it. Hence; a dedicated framework is required to solve this problem. We designed and implemented a cloud service discovery framework which is using a syntax-based query engine. This framework is optimized for Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service computing models. We use Extensible Markup Language (XML) for storing cloud service information. Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP server is implemented to demonstrate the framework. The syntax-based query engine is using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to perform the search, PHP is also employed as the server-side scripting language to allow the search functions to read the XML. The query engine is written in a way that every time the user enters a query, it searches through all tags to find the exact match or similarities. We present some of the experimental results and compare our method with the existing ones and point out the advantages over the currently used frameworks. This syntax-based framework is good enough for discovering IaaS and PaaS cloud services without the overhead of semantic-based frameworks and inaccuracy of the Filter by Attribute method.