Waeal J. Obidallah , Bijan Raahemi
The 10 International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, 2014, pp. 346–353.
Publication year: 2014


Business processes and services of Service Oriented Virtual Organizations are subject to change to meet the internal and external requirements of the competitive, complex and rapidly changing collaborative environment they operate in. Efficient and practical change management solutions are needed to enable the partners to gain insight on the various triggers of change, and their impacts on the Virtual Organization’s operations and collaboration. This paper presents a structural change management framework to facilitate the process of change by allowing the participating partners in a Virtual Organization to identify and understand the levels and the triggers of changes in their environment. Our proposed solution consists of the structural framework including two layers, namely, the levels of changes, and triggers of changes. We present an example scenario to demonstrate how employing the proposed framework to identify, recognize and categorize various changes in the Service Oriented Virtual Organization improves the flexibility, and agility of the change management in the organizations.